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NEW YANMAR MARINE STARTER 3TNA72 3TNE74 S114655A 11925577010 11963177011



100% NEW Original Quality Yanmar Marine Starter

Full One Year Warranty

Computer tested for consistent reliability in all extremes

Advanced materials provide longer service life

Meets or Exceeds exact OEM Specifications for Fit and Performance






Yanmar        Model        ENGINE

Marine          Various       3TNA72, 3TNE74



Hitachi: S114-655A, S114655A

Yanmar:  119255-77010, 11925577010, 119631-77011, 11963177011



OEM(s): Denso

Type:  PMDD

Voltage:  12 Volts

kW:  1.2 kW

Rotation:  CW

Teeth/Splines:  9 Teeth/Splines

Pinion/Splines OD:  28.9mm / 1.138in

Mounting Hole 1:  13.0mm ID Unthreaded

Mounting Hole 2:  13.0mm ID Unthreaded

Approximate Weight:  7.4 lbs.


NOTE: There is much confusion with the identification of this starter motor. Versions are offered in both .8 kw and the higher power 1.2 Kw. The manufacturers specifications called for 1.2 KW and that is the only version we offer.


Please be sure Battery is fully charged and all connections are clean and tight.