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NEW Premium Quality KUBOTA Alternator

Full One Year Warranty

Tested for consistent reliability in all extremes

Advanced materials provide longer service life

Meets or Exceeds exact OEM Specifications for Fit and Performance


Replaces These Numbers:

Kubota: 15531-64013, 15531-64016, 15531-64017, 6C040-59250, 6C040-59252, EG673-64010, KEARA15531, 1553164013, 1553164016, 1553164017, 6C04059250, 6C04059252, EG67364010


Applications DIESEL

Kubota Commercial Mower

ZD18 3 Cyl. 0.72L 719cc 44cid 93-05

ZD21 3 Cyl. 0.9L 892cc 54cid 93-05

Kubota Excavator

K008 Kubota D722 10HP  00-2008

K008-3 Kubota D722EBH-3 10HP  00-2008

KH007 Kubota Z430-K1 8.5HP  89-93

KH35 Kubota D850BH 13.7HP  85-94

KH41 Kubota D950 17.8HP  88-96

KH61 Kubota D950BH 22.2HP  88-96

Kubota Lawn & Garden Tractor

G1800 3 Cyl. 0.64L 636cc 39cid 89-95

G1900 3 Cyl. 0.86L 855cc 52cid 89-95

Kubota Mower-Front

F2000 Kubota D950-FM 20HP  86-94

F2100E Kubota D950-FM 21HP  89-95

GF1800-R Kubota D722 18HP  93-94

GF1800-R Kubota D722 18HP  96-05

GF1800E-R Kubota D722 18HP  93-05

Kubota Mower-Turf

ZD25 Kubota D1105 28HP  93-05

ZD28 Kubota D1105 28HP  93-05

Kubota Tractor-Compact

B1550D Kubota D850-5B 17HP  88-96

B1550E Kubota D850-5B 17HP  88-96

B20 Kubota D950AT 20HP  90-98

B20TL Kubota D950AT 20HP  90-98

B5200DT Kubota D750 13HP  83-96

B5200E Kubota D750 13HP  83-95

B6200DT Kubota D850-5B 15HP  83-94

B6200E Kubota D850-5B 15HP  83-94

B6200HSD Kubota D850-5B 15HP  83-94

B6200HSDT Kubota D850-5B 15HP  83-94

B6200HSE Kubota D850-5B 15HP  83-94

B6200HST Kubota D850-5B 15HP  83-94

B6200T Kubota D850-5B 15HP  83-94

B7410DT-F Kubota D782-E 18HP  93-05

B7410DT-R Kubota D782-E 18HP  93-05

B8200DT Kubota D950 19HP  81-90

B8200E Kubota D950 19HP  81-90

B8200HSD Kubota D950 19HP  83-90

B8200HSE Kubota D950 19HP  83-90

B8200HST Kubota D950 19HP  83-90

B9200DT Kubota V1200-A 22.5HP  87-90

B9200E Kubota V1200-A 22.5HP  87-90

B9200HSD Kubota V1200-A 22.5HP  87-90

B9200HSE Kubota V1200-A 22.5HP  87-90

Kubota Tractor-Garden

G1800S Kubota D662 16HP  89-95

G2000 Kubota WG750-G 21HP Gas 89-95

G3200 Kubota Z400 10HP  83-90

G4200H Kubota Z430 12HP  84-90

G5200H Kubota D600 14HP  84-90

G6200H Kubota D640 16HP  86-90

Kubota Tractor-Lawn

T1600H Z482 13.5HP Gas 90-95

Kubota Tractor-Sub Compact

BX1500D Kubota Z602E  03-2010

BX1800D Kubota D722E-BX 18HP  2001-03

BX1830D Kubota D722E-BX 18HP  2004-2006

BX22 Kubota D905E-BX 22HP  02-03

BX2200D Kubota D905E-BX 22HP  2001-03

BX2230D Kubota D902E-BX 22HP  2004-2006

BX23LB Kubota D905E-BX 22HP  2004-05



OEM(s): Kubota

Voltage:  12

Amps: 14

Mtg Ear 1 Hole: M8-1.25 Threaded

Mtg Ear 2 Hole: 8.5mm Unthreaded

Mtg Ear 1 Thickness: 0.61in / 15.5mm

Mtg Ear 2 Thickness: 0.61in / 15.5mm

Regulator Location: External

Pulley Grooves: 1

Pulley Type: Solid

Pulley OD: 2.598in / 66mm


Permanent Magnet

Harness Exits Rear at 7:00

Weight: 3.85 lbs.