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New Yanmar Marine Alternator 80-Amp Insulated Ground 3JH2 Diesel LR180-03A LR180-03B 119573-77200 119573-77201

$258.45 $146.88 You Save: 43%

100% NEW Premium Quality, Professional Grade Marine Alternator

Full One Year Warranty
Computer tested for consistent reliability
Advanced materials provide longer service life
Meets or Exceeds exact OEM SAE Specifications for Fit and Performance
Hi Speed sealed bearings


NEW YANMAR MARINE ALTERNATOR 80-Amp 12-Volt Insulated Ground Connections



Yanmar Engine - Marine  

3JH2 3cyl Diesel 1991-1999

3JH2BE 3cyl Diesel 1991-1999

3JH2E 3cyl Diesel 1991-1999

3JH3 3cyl Diesel 1999-2003

3JH3E 3cyl Diesel 

3JH3E-YEU 3cyl Diesel 

3JH4E 3cyl, 100ci, 1.64L Diesel 

3YM20 3cyl Diesel 

3YM30 3cyl, 68ci, 1.116L Diesel 

4JH-TE 4cyl Diesel 

4JH2-CE 4cyl Diesel 

4JH2-DTE 4cyl Diesel 

4JH2-E 4cyl Diesel 

4JH2-HTE 4cyl Diesel 

4JH2-TE 4cyl Diesel 

4JH2-UTE 4cyl Diesel 

4JH3-CE 4cyl Diesel 1994-2003

4JH3-DTE 4cyl Diesel 1994-2003

4JH3-HTE 4cyl Diesel 1994-2003

4JH3-TCE 4cyl Diesel 1994-2003

4JH3-TE 4cyl Diesel 1994-2003

4JH3E 4cyl Diesel 1994-2003

4JHE 4cyl Diesel 

4LH-DTE 4cyl Diesel

4LH-HTE 4cyl Diesel 

4LH-STE 4cyl Diesel 

4LH-TE 4cyl Diesel 

4LHA-DTE 4cyl Diesel 

4LHA-DTZ 4cyl Diesel 

4LHA-HTE 4cyl Diesel 

4LHA-HTZE 4cyl Diesel 

4LHA-STE 4cyl Diesel

4LHA-STZE 4cyl Diesel

6LY-ST 6cyl Diesel 

6LY-STE 6cyl Diesel 

6LY-STM 6cyl Diesel 

6LY-STZY 6cyl Diesel 

6LY-UT 6cyl Diesel 

6LY-UTE 6cyl Diesel 

6LY-UTM 6cyl Diesel 

6LY-UTZY 6cyl Diesel 

6LY2-STE 6cyl Diesel 

6LYA-STE 6cyl Diesel 

6LYA-UTE 6cyl Diesel

6LYM-STE 6cyl Diesel 

6LYM-UTE 6cyl Diesel









HITACHI:  LR180-03A, LR180-03B, LR180-03C, LR18003A, LR18003B, LR18003C

PRESTOLITE: 20150112

YANMAR 119573-77200, 119573-77201, 129470-77200, 11957377200, 11957377201, 12947077200  


OEM(s): Hitachi, Yanmar

Voltage: 12 Volts

Amps: 80 Amps

Regulator Position: 12:00

Polarity:  Negative

Output Stud Dimensions:  M5-0.8

Approximate Weight: 13.0 lbs.


Note: THIS IS INSULATED GROUND ALTERNATOR remember to connect your negative ground wire to either two small insulated studs near bottom mounting foot of alternator!

Comes with standard single groove V-belt pulley


Please be sure Battery is fully charged and all connections are clean and tight.

This is a very common problem in marine electrical systems

Corrosion, or bad connections will cause low voltage to the electrical components. Low voltage causes high heat or resistance and will destroy electrical devices.


The wire w/ Green insulator is your Tach/Sta connection