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NEW YANMAR MARINE STARTER 4JH3-CE DTE THE TCE TE 4JHZ 4TNE UJH2E 121256-77011 129573-77010 171008-77010

100% NEW and Made with the Highest Quality Components Available
Full One Year Warranty
Computer tested for consistent reliability
Premium Quality, utilizing advanced materials provides longer service life
Meets or Exceeds exact OEM Specifications for Fit and Performance


Yanmar Engine - Marine
4JH3 4cyl Diesel 1994-2003
4JH3-CE 4cyl Diesel 1994-2003
4JH3-DTE 4cyl Diesel 1994-2003
4JH3-HTE 4cyl Diesel 1994-2003
4JH3-TCE 4cyl Diesel 1994-2003
4JH3-TE 4cyl Diesel 1994-2003
4JH3-TE-YEU 4cyl Diesel 1994-2003
4JH3ZA 4cyl Diesel 1994-2003
4JHZ 4cyl Diesel 1982-1997
4TNE84 4cyl, 1.995L Diesel 1982-1997
4TNE88 4cyl, 2.190L Diesel 1982-1997
KM3A 0000
UJH2E Diesel 1982-1997

HITACHI: S114-257, S114-257G, S114-483, S114-483A
YANMAR: 121256-77011, 129573-77010, 171008-77010

Type: OSGR
Voltage:12 Volts
KW:1.4 KW
Rotation: CW
Teeth/Splines:15 Teeth/Splines
Pinion/Splines OD:44.1mm / 1.736in
Mounting Hole 1:13.5mm ID Unthreaded
Mounting Hole 2:13.5mm ID Unthreaded
Approximate Weight:10.9 lbs.

No modifications necesary.